Wear and Fly Drones with Your Body

The FlyJacket is a sensorized exoskeleton with artificial intelligence software for immersive flight of simulated and real drones. This patent-pending technology can be used for immersive video games or intuitive control of personal and professional drones.

Get rid of remote controllers and wear your drone!

What makes FlyJacket special?

Intuitive Control

Control of the drone with intuitive upper body movements based on extensive studies on body proprioception and human-drone interaction

Immersive experience

Immersive experience with visual and auditory feedback using virtual reality headset!

Haptic Feedback Systems

Force feedback directly to the body with soft actuators that recreate aerodynamics forces for improved flight immersion

Navigation gets even smarter

Smart glove for navigation commands such as take-off, landing, and setting points of interest

Upcoming Events

World Economic Forum 2019

The FlyJacket will be present at the World Economic Forum in Davos to present the technologies developed by the Swiss Universities